Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ignorant, Racist Comment: Thanks Lady For Being So Dumb.

I was unfortunate enough to experience the comments of a racist black lady in a youtube video.  It came to me by way of the liberal-for-the-sake-of-being-liberal website Upworthy.  If you are an unthinking liberal, you'll love it, otherwise I'd recommend avoiding it.

One of my short comings as a human being is the inability to just let things slide.  I watched the video in its entirety, but I had to comment on her sentence:

The majority of serial murdererers and rapists in this country are middle aged, white men.

Is that so?  I'll save you the suspense and cut to the chase.  As a whole, the statement is false.  Black serial killers have outnumbered white serial killers since the 90's (Serial killer data).  White rapists outnumber black rapists on a ratio of about 1.3:1 (Burid in this document).  So, in a sense that statement is correct.  However, race ration of whites to blacks in this country is about 8:1.  In other words, even thought the white population is eight times larger, it produces only slightly more rapists than the black population.

At least according to the available statistics, which is the obvious criticism.  However, I'm at least basing what I write on the available stats.  Mrs. Harry Twatter here is divining them straight from her ass.

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