Sunday, August 7, 2011

California Law to Teach Homosexual Contributions

I was watching a recent episode of Bill Maher. Someone mentioned this bill then mentioned Alan Turing who as both a math guy and computer geek I’ve admired for some time. I had no idea that Turing was gay. Somehow, maybe I’m not as enlightened as these bill writers, his sexuality never mattered to me.

Outside of his contribution to math and computers, I knew nothing of his biography. It’s quite sad and I’m very sorry that he had to go through the torment that led to his suicide, but when studying his contributions to cryptology and computers, his sexuality is irrelevant. Hell, his fucking gender is irrelevant as far as I’m concerned.

Now granted, this bill is for elementary and high school social studies where the biography of the individual is more relevant, but this kind of pandering seems condescending to me. “Wow, look what Turing was able to accomplish despite his affinity for cock.”

Can’t we just educate people that they are not defined by their sexuality? I can see absolutely no conceivable way that a man’s desire to be on the receiving end of a good ol’ ass fuck would make him a better or worse person, a smarter or dumber person. So trying to educate people on the contributions of various minority groups is really missing the point.

A person need not be defined by his sexuality, nationality, or pigmentality (hmm…pigment-ality not pig-mentality). What I’ve found is that when a person is defined by such things stereotypes crop up. When you have a GAY-person not a PERSON who also happens to be attracted to the same gender, you have a person who is out of balance. When you have a BLACK-person, not a PERSON who just happens to be black, you have a person who is out of balance. WHITE-people join the KKK. People who just happen to white lead lives that contribute in some way to family and society. GAY people are in your face flamboyant and enjoy parading their sexuality around to the discomfort of others. People who just happen to be gay live normal lives where they go home to a significant other that they deserve to be married to and they understand that over-the-top sexuality is unpleasant on anyone. Over-the-top straight will get your ass arrested. It is unacceptable to walk around slapping ass and grabbing tit.

I don’t have any animosity for people who just happen to be gay, black, Hispanic, Arabic, Muslim, Christian, Japanese, Native to the Land we call America, etc. However, I get really tired, really quickly, of GAY people, BLACK people, HISPANIC people, etc.

All these lines in the sand do is divide us that much more.

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